School: Mugginton CofE Primary School
Phase: Primary
Experience: Chair of Governors for nearly 15 years. NLG since 2015

External Reviews of Governance, supporting Chairs and Headteachers, analysing Governing Board needs

ERG: Yes

Maximising resource utilisation in small schools

Contact: Don Walton


As well as working in the international mining industry for a decade I have been closely associated with education all my adult life. I have taught in schools on two continents in both the state and independent sectors and was a Governor for several schools in the southern hemisphere.

I have been a Governor since 2003, a Chair of Governors since 2005 and became an NLG in 2015.

As an NLG I have provided support to Chairs of Governors, Governing Boards and Headteachers in many schools with enrolments of 30 to 600. The support has been varied. Among other activities: conducting External Reviews of Governance, suggesting changes to governing body structures, introducing techniques to improve governing body performance and recommending suitable record-keeping to satisfy inspection and other requirements. Small school governing bodies have their particular challenges not least in dealing successfully with extensive governance requirements with only a small number of governors available. Managing constrained budgets, motivating and retaining staff in a demanding environment and understanding and explaining the statistical implications of small cohorts are all part of the skill set.

I have supported the Local Authority in several roles as well as leading training for Chairs of Governors.

Bespoke training programmes for Governing Boards have also been developed and delivered.

I attend local and regional meetings and conferences to keep up-to-date.

As an NLG I would hope to share my governance experience as widely as possible to support efforts to make our education system the best that it could be.