This guide has been developed in partnership with Arts Council England, Music Mark and the National Governors Association as a resource to support you in your role as governor and critical friend.

"Studying cultural education subjects, such as art and design, dance, drama and music, sparks creativity across the curriculum, encouraging young people to be inquisitive, disciplined and determined. Wherever children start in life, a high quality cultural education in every school should be a right, not a privilege.

To assist governors and trustees in their strategic role, the National Governance Association and Wellcome have published Being Strategic: A guide for governing boards.

Succession planning in a governing body is important, as in any organisation, for the stability and progress of the enterprise. This revised and updated edition of the National Coordinators
of Governor Services (NCOGS) document Succession Breeds Success is aimed at assisting governors in managing this process in a positive and constructive way so that governance and
the leadership of the governing body are strong and effective in holding the school to account. It may be used in whole or part by governors and others, on the understanding NCOGS is acknowledged as the source.