Proposed Memorandum of understanding between the Dronfield Governors Forum and PODS.

The Partnership of Dronfield Schools includes all schools in the Dronfield area working to create a shared vision of ‘learning together and stronger together’ for the benefit of all children across the partnership. The partnership has the support of all heads and governing bodies and has the full and active support of the Dronfield Governors’ Forum.

The Governors’ Forum believes that collaboration is in the best interests of all our children and that by building a strong partnership based on shared principles and values we will be in a stronger position to meet the uncertain challenges ahead.

One key function of governors is to set the strategic direction of the school and the following mechanisms are proposed in order to ensure a coherent approach to the development of the partnership. 

  • Heads will report regularly to their governing body on PODS developments and will provide feedback to the PODS board from their governing bodies
  • One head will lead on liaison between PODS and governors and will attend Dronfield Governors’ Forum meetings
  • There will be a Governors Forum representative on the PODS strategic board who will report back to the Forum

These arrangements will be kept under review and are subject to the agreement of the Governors Forum on the 29th March 2017 and of a joint meeting of PODS and governors on July 10th 2017.

John Harvey, Martin Brader