The Department for Education (DfE) has released a video with information on the replacement for the RAISEonline service. The new “Analyse School Performance” service will be a “sister service” to the DfE performance tables.

Unlike the performance tables, it will require secure access and those governing should speak with their business manager about obtaining access from the secure access approver. Any access provided should be in anonymised form. The anonymised data will also be available to Ofsted, local authorities, multi-academy trusts and dioceses.

The service will allow governors and trustees to “view and analyse details on key headline measures” and compare performance at “school and pupil group level against national averages”. The system allows for both overview and in-depth reports (i.e. breakdown by pupil groups) on headline measures. The new system also allows users to use scatter graphs to identify trends over time. This useful feature will help those governing to see if “their school development plan and priorities” are being translated into better results in key areas. You can view the video here.