NLG’s are experienced Chairs of Governors who are selected, trained and designated by the Department for Education. They work independently to support governors and increase leadership capacity in schools.

What is a National Leader Of Governance Deployment?

An NLG is deployed into a school to provide support for its chair of governors. This support can take different forms depending on the circumstances of the school.

There is usually no charge to the school for an NLG deployment.

Examples of deployments are as follows:

  • Improving school performance:
  • Supporting the chair to focus more closely on raising standards and leading improvement
  • Helping the chair to understand and interpret strategic school/academy data
  • Supporting the relationship between headteacher and chair:
  • Coaching a chair in developing solutions to identified problems or in providing more effective challenge to senior leaders
  • Helping the chair build his/her relationship with the headteacher/principal
  • Skills and understanding of governance:
  • Helping the chair to better evaluate his/her own performance and develop his/her leadership, effectiveness and confidence
  • Observing a governing body meeting and providing advice to the chair on procedures, protocols and behaviours
  • Helping the chair identify priorities for governing body development and draw up an action plan
  • Mentoring a chair to provide support through a particular process
  • Providing expertise to help with an aspect of a Governing Body's work
  • Signposting or brokering additional training and support

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