Reasons to become an active member of DSGA:

  1. Member of the National Governors' Association
  2. Signed agreement with the Local Authority "Framework for continued effective partnership"
  3. DSGA acts as a Representative Voice at Local, Regional and National governor networking meetings
  4. Communicates governors' views on local issues to Derbyshire Local Authority Officers and elected Members regularly
  5. DSGA Executive Committee normally holds regular monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month (excluding August and December)
  6. DSGA has its own website which publishes up to date information for school governors
  7. DSGA has regular contact with our fellow Local Governor Associations throughout the East Midlands, and nationally
  8. Members of the DSGA Executive Committee serve on the Derbyshire Schools Forum, Local Social Partnership and other groups
  9. DSGA provides an independent forum for the exchange of ideas, experience, and good practice for governors of Derbyshire schools
  10. As we are Grant funded, no fees or subscriptions are charged