The aims of the Derbyshire School Governors Association are:

  1. To further the education of children and young people in Derbyshire schools
  2. To promote co-operation between Derbyshire schools
  3. To ascertain and represent the views and opinions of the broad body of Derbyshire school governors
  4. To act as a non-party-political and non-sectarian forum for the exchange of information relating to the needs and interests of Derbyshire schools
  5. To bring to the notice of authorities concerned the needs of Derbyshire schools and press for action where it is required
  6. To act as a consultative body on behalf of Derbyshire governors with the authorities concerned
  7. To organise events and representation in support of Derbyshire governors’ needs and those of the pupils and schools
  8. To provide a base for sharing good practice in the forwarding of school aims and values
  9. To liaise with the Governor Support Team on matters of training and information
  10. To maintain membership of, or liaise with, national organisations, such as the National Governors’ Association.