We held our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28th March 2018 starting at 19:00 in Committee Room 4 at County Hall, Matlock.

The meeting agreed changes to its constitution. See below for amended constitution.


The name of the Association shall be the Derbyshire School Governors' Association (herein after referred to as "the Association").


The Association shall:

  1. Be an independent forum for all Governing Bodies of schools in Derbyshire
  2. Encourage, support and promote cooperation between Governing Bodies to further the interests of children attending Derbyshire schools
  3. Promote high standards in the exercise by Governing Bodies of their responsibilities
  4. Act as the local representative and consultative body to the Local Authority, Government, and other relevant bodies, and carry out appropriate representation
  5. Encourage, support and monitor the provision of independent information, research, advice and training for governors and Governing Bodies in cooperation with other organisations
  6. Affiliate to the National Governors' Association, participate in their activities, and work with relevant other national organisations towards a single focus for all Governing Bodies
  7. Hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars, workshops, courses and other events, either alone or with others, to advance the quality of provision of public education within the Association membership and the County of Derbyshire.


  1. Membership shall be open to the Governing Bodies of all Derbyshire Local Authority schools corporately
  2. Individual membership shall also be open to any Governor of a Derbyshire L.A. school
  3. Honorary non-voting membership may be offered to other appropriate and relevant bodies at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the D.S.G.A.
  4. Members shall be required to have paid the annual subscription as determined from time to time by the Executive Committee and announced at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. There shall be an Executive Committee responsible for the general management of the Association
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of a maximum of twenty (20) members sixteen (16) elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and four (4) co-opted by those elected
  3. At the first meeting after the AGM the Committee shall elect the officers of the Association to hold office for one year
  4. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer must be elected from the members of the Committee
  5. The quorum for Committee meetings shall be five (5) four (4)
  6. Committee meetings shall be held monthly with the exception of the months of July, August, September and December


The Executive Committee may establish such Sub-Committees as it sees fit.


  1. The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting, normally in the month of March, each year
  2. The Agenda of the AGM shall include:
  • (i) Officer reports on the proceedings of the Association in the previous year, including a financial statement
  • (ii) The election of the Executive Committee
  • (iii) Consideration of any resolutions submitted by members to the Executive Committee at least two (2) weeks 21 days before the AGM and signed by a minimum of three (3) current members.
  • (iv) Any proposed changes amendments to the Constitution.


  1. All monies raised by or on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the Aims of the Association, and for no other purposes, provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent payment in good faith of the reasonable and proper recompense of any member of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses authorised by the Executive
  2. All monies received shall be paid into a bank account held in the name of the Association, and the Treasurer shall keep proper accounts and be responsible for the financial affairs of the Association
  3. Withdrawals from the Association accounts shall be valid only on the signatures of any two (2) from three (3) named Officers
  4. The financial year of the Association shall be from the first day of September to the thirty first (31st) day of August following
  5. The Committee shall require the accounts to be audited independently verified annually and presented the AGM.


  1. Full meetings of the Association shall be referred to as Assemblies
  2. At least on one Assembly shall be held each year for the consideration of educational issues of general concern
  3. Additional Assemblies may be called to consider special and immediate concerns either by the Committee or at the request of ten (10) or more members.


  1. Any proposal for amendment(s) to the Constitution may be initiated by the Executive Committee or by three (3) current members and shall be submitted to the Chair of the Association, in writing , not less than twenty-one (21 ) clear days before the Annual General Meeting
  2. Any proposed amendment should be communicated to members with the Agenda and notice of the AGM
  3. Any amendment shall require the support of a two thirds majority of the members present and voting at the AGM.


  1. If the Committee decides by a simple majority to propose the dissolution of the Association, it shall call a Special Assembly giving not less than forty (40) days notice and shall state the terms of the resolution to be proposed
  2. A decision to dissolve shall be effective if it obtains a two thirds majority of those members present and voting
  3. In the event of dissolution any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given, or transferred to, such other non-profit making body having objects similar to those of the Association as the Committee shall determine.