The Derbyshire School Governors' Association exists to serve the governors and, hence, the schools and children of Derbyshire.

The aims of the Derbyshire School Governors Association are:

  1. To further the education of children and young people in Derbyshire schools
  2. To promote co-operation between Derbyshire schools

The name of the Association shall be the Derbyshire School Governors' Association (herein after referred to as "the Association")

The executive is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The current members of the Executive are:

Chair  Martin Brader
Vice Chair Barabara Arrandale
 Secretary Cilla Holman
Assistant Secretary vacant
 Treasurer Mahala Titterton
Other members of the executive Joe Birkin,  Linda Du-Roe, Kevin Martin,Brian Cavanagh, Laurence Robinson, Paul Mason 

NB All Derbyshire Governors are automatically members of the Derbyshire Association of School Governors.